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Learning, Networking Give Sound Returns for MC Tax Prep Owner

Marilyn Capps of Falls City has been involved with REAP for several years and has served as the Richardson County Business Development Association secretary for approximately four years. Marilyn works full-time at the City Utility office in Falls City and operates MC Tax Prep from her home on a part-time basis.

Being in business over the past five years gives Marilyn flexibility, which she likes. She has seen small but steady growth in her customer base, and it is just enough to keep her extremely busy at times juggling home, work, and business commitments.

MC Tax Prep provides bookkeeping services for small businesses year round. Marilyn does tax preparation for individual clients and businesses and helps many with additional tax filings. She has become more of an advisor for some clients as they are venturing out and doing their tax preparation themselves online.

Expansion of the business depends a lot on the tax codes and changes. Use of technology has helped Marilyn improve her time efficiency. She stays positive about the potential for working with more small businesses as the interest is there, and many times such folks don’t have the time or expertise to handle their own bookkeeping /accounting duties.

In this business, word-of-mouth referrals are critical. Marilyn thinks the REAP group in Falls City has helped her in networking with other small businesses. She enjoys being able to discuss concerns and issues with others in business through the group. Both the Falls City’ business planning class and sales tax seminars they have sponsored helped keep Marilyn up-to-date so she can help her clients.

Marilyn is grateful for husband Kenneth’s help around the house and in running errands. Her son Ryan also still lives at home. In her spare time she enjoys gardening and needlework.

Marilyn Capps, owner of MC Tax Prep, pictured in her home office in Falls City, Nebraska. 
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