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New Internet Business Answers Travel Questions

IADA is a unique travel information Internet business still under construction, but building steadily. In early 2003, Linda Tynon, who lives in the old but remodeled Honey Creek School house near Peru, Nebraska, started IADA, the International Association of Destination Agents.

Linda’s background is in the travel industry. In her position with USAirways, she fielded thousands of questions from travelers seeking information at their destination. Thus, the business idea behind was created.

The website, is designed to encourage travel through an international travel directory. Linda offers businesses an opportunity to be linked on the site, which is designed to attract and inform locals as well as travelers from across the country and abroad.

The business website is a constant work in progress as new sites of interest and other businesses are discovered. Linda loves her role as owner because she’s an avid traveler and enjoys discovering new and interesting attractions and destinations along the way.

Linda worked with Glennis McClure, REAP Women’s Business Center Director, to complete the initial business plan for IADA and request a start-up loan from the local REAP association in Nemaha County. REAP uses SBA micro-loan funds for its peer loan capital.

With just a small amount borrowed, the business website has grown to include destinations from several states and is beginning to generate self-sustaining income. Recently Linda left her full-time job so she could travel and focus on building the business full-time.

If you are planning a vacation or other travel, take a look at the website for ideas and information about your destination. Just and watch it grow.

Linda Tynon  owns  an Internet travel service based near Peru, Nebraska.
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