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PAPA’s PEPPERS: Some’s Hot — Some’s Not
Location, location, location is key for this business, allowing expansion into more products and a positive outlook for enhanced opportunities from a nearby road improvement.

Papa’s Peppers, located just west of Wahoo, NE, has evolved since its inception in 1992 as The Stoppe in Valley NE. John and Ila Nelson continue to improve their products and expand their lines.

In 1992, the Nelsons began processing red jellies made from homegrown sweet to hot peppers. The jelly is primarily used as hors d’oeurve with cream cheese and crackers. It can also be used as a sauce for pork, beef, and chicken. The uses continue to broaden as customers try new and different foods with it.

When The Stoppe was located in Valley, the Nelsons had to grow their peppers in three locations to have enough supply. Since the move to Wahoo in 2002, they will be able to grow the plants in a single location.

The jellies are made from homegrown peppers allowed to ripen and turn red on the vines before harvesting. This results in a beautiful red color attained without the use of any food coloring.

The Nelsons have developed a relish and both jellies and relishes are offered from mild to hot spicy. The gamut of taste buds can be accommodated. The Nelson’s belong to SCIBN (Saunders County Independent Business Network), and sometimes the members get to sample Papa’s Peppers products.

The space and buildings available at the Wahoo location have enabled the business to diversify product lines. A garden and orchard will be planted to offer vegetables and fruits. Also, an additional building will allow them to raise chickens and offer chickens as well as farm fresh eggs.

The Wahoo location is situated near the new Bypass around Wahoo and near a recreational lake that will be completed within the next three years. This provides an excellent location for a Roadside Stand to sell their products. The Nelsons are also establishing a website to market their products worldwide.

Papa’s Peppers is really a family affair with all members chipping in to ensure success. John and Ila, along with their children, Sean and Joy, attend many craft fairs nearly every weekend in the fall and winter seasons to promote their products.

Watch for PAPA’s PEPPERS where Nebraska Products are sold as well as at area Farmer’s Markets and Craft Fairs. — Papa’s Peppers, 1.800.582.2310,

The label of PAPA's PEPPERS explains the product: Some's Hot and Some's Not. The business is located in Wahoo, Nebraska.
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