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THREE CHEERS — Hip Hip Hooray!
This column salutes REAP businesses that are finding ways to increase their success.

The Power to Amaze Yourself

Curves Women’s Fitness Center opened its doors at 215 No. Main St. in West Point on September 22, 2003, and it has been amazing owners Bob and Ardie Smith and 293 active members ever since.

The steady growth in membership in only five months has surpassed business plan projections. Ardie’s goal was to reach 250 members by December 31, 2003. She hit over 300 at the beginning of November. Since then a few members have meandered and a few more gained. Overall attendance is holding steady at 293 patrons.

Members come from West Point and the surrounding communities of Wisner, Beemer, Oakland, and Bancroft, among others. Ardie’s goal is to reach 100 members from surrounding communities. She is well on her way with 86 so far.

Curves’ success springs from strong management and dedicated employees. Ardie is an active manager. She has an assistant manager and a registered dietician on staff. The members also contribute to the Center’s success through their dedication and motivation. The Club has lost 1503.8 inches and 551.9 pounds in only four months.

Curves staff offer nutrition advice from the in-house dietician, travel passes, and snowbird passes for those who can benefit by using their membership elsewhere. Another convenient service is a medical “hold” for memberships where a temporary medical condition prevents a member from working out.

Asked about the success of her business, Ardie said, “It’s not only about losing pounds and inches. Even more important, it’s about changing lives and helping women feel better and find the person they have always wanted to be for themselves and for their families.”

Ardie’s goal for 2004 is to provide personalized service to current members and to gain enough new members to reach her goal of 400 members by year end.

Bob and Ardie Smith, owners of Curves Fitness Center in West Point, Nebraska.
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