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The REAP Business Update newsletter was published 10 times a year for REAP members until 2007. It covers information especially designed for rural entrepreneurs and small businesses. Topics include business tips, news about program developments, a calendar of small business events, and a monthly success story. Rural Business Roundtable discussion topics are included every other month. The newsletter archive goes back to 2003. (Note: We may have missed a few links here and there. You can always find the latest REAP newsletter at http://www.cfra.org/reap/newsletter/home.)

2006 Archives

August 2006 -- REAP Offers Help with Business Transfers and Planning

July 2006 -- Hispanic Rural Business Center: Year Two Update

June 2006 -- Can "FRED" Help You and Your Business?

May 2006  -- Feature: An Efffective Operations Plan Will Help Your Business

April 2006 -- Feature: Trends Indicate Online Sales Will Grow through 2010

March 2006 -- Feature: HomeTown Competitiveness: A Come Back/Give Back Approach

February 2006 -- Feature: Customers Keep Your Business Going

January 2006 -- Feature: Health Insurance and Small Business

2005 Archives

November 2005 -- Feature: Merry Christmas Marketing

October 2005 -- Feature: REAP Launches Innovative Online Lending System

September 2005 -- Rural Enterprise Reporter: REAP: Fifteen Years of Positive Growth

August 2005 -- Feature: Credit Scores -- You've Got One -- August 2005

July 2005 -- Feature: Nothing Small about Small Business

June 2005 -- Feature: Use Business Sense to Start, Dollars Will Follow

May 2005 -- Feature: Networking: The Key to Lifetime Work

April 2005 -- Feature: Marketing Collaboration Project Will Benefit REAP Members

March 2005 -- Feature: Determining Business Insurance Needs

February 2005 -- Feature: Tune Up Your Chart of Accounts

January 2005 -- Feature: Nebraska Legislative Session Begins

2004 Archives

November 2004 -- Feature: What Percent of Revenue Should you Spend on Advertising?

October 2004 -- Feature: REAP Rural Business Roundtable

September 2004 -- Feature: Meeting the Needs of Nebraska's Rural Entrepreneurs

August 2004 -- Feature: REAP Women's Business Center Year in Review

July 2004 -- Feature: Peaks and Valleys in Sales or Service Volume for Small Business

June 2004 -- Feature: REAP Hispanic Rural Business Center Operational

May 2004 -- Feature: REAP Microbusinesses Eligible for Legal Services

April 2004 -- Feature: Adding Microenterprise to the Development Mix

March 2004 -- Feature: Word of Mouth: The World's Best Known Marketing Secret

February 2004 -- REAP Lends $2 Million to Nebraska Small Business

January 2004 -- Feature: Budget Shortfall Looms over Nebraska Legislature

2003 Archives

November 2003 -- Feature: Holidays and Your Business -- a Headache or a Joy?

October 2003 -- Feature: Take Advantage of Business Training

September 2003 -- Rural Enterprise Reporter -- Overcoming Rural Entrepreneurial Challenges

August 2003 -- Feature: Competitive Business Strategies to Survive and Thrive

July 2003 -- Feature: Nebraska Legislative Wrap-up

June 2003 -- Feature: Takin' Care of Business or Take this Job and Shove It?

May 2003 -- Feature: Business Tips for Surviving Lean Economic Times

April 2003 -- Feature: Doing Business with the Federal Government: A Market for You?

March 2003 -- Feature: Nebraska Legislative Session Is Underway, Budget Tops List

February 2003 -- Feature: REAP's Partnership with the Small Business Administration

January 2003 -- Feature: REAP Works: Building Assets and Income

September 2002 -- Rural Enterprise Reporter -- Achieving Scale

The Rural Enterprise Assistance Project (REAP), a program of the Center for Rural Affairs, is the nation's largest statewide rural small business development program. REAP includes four components: business management training, a loan fund, networking, and technical assistance.

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