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Survey Results - a Look at Nebraska Microenterprises

A Small Business Needs Assessment Survey was available online during the months of January, February, and March 2008. It consisted of 16 multiple choice answers and long answer questions. The survey was available to participants through SurveyMonkey.comę and through mailed hard copies.

Describe your affiliation with Nebraska small businesses.

Small Business Owner 65.2%
Service Provider 17.6%
Lender 6.4%
Other 10.8%


What is the stage of your business? (Service Providers and Lenders were asked to skip this question.)

Pre-venture (start-up stage) 6.8%
New (within the first year) 12.0%
Existing (at the business more than one year) 68.8%
Transitioning (within 10 years of exiting the business) 12.5%


What category best describes your business?

Agriculture 16.4%
Manufacturing 8.8%
Retail 29.2%
Service 51.5%
Online 2.9%
Construction 4.7%


How many employees does your business employ, including yourself?

One (self) 36.5%
Five or less 36.5%
Six or more 17.7%


Contact: Dena Beck, REAP Southwest/Central Business Specialist for more information, or 308.528.0060.
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