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“Keeping Afloat” Helps Employees to Make Ends Meet

Good employees are hard to find and harder to keep, especially if they face financial challenges outside of work. The Nebraska Appleseed center sponsors a project, Keeping Afloat, which partners with small businesses to connect employees with child care subsidies, food stamps, Medicaid and children’s health insurance, and the Earned Income Tax Credit.

Rebecca Gonzales of the Appleseed Center says helping workers to access these services helps both the employee and the small business. “By providing additional income and support to employees, these benefits help small businesses reduce absenteeism, retain employees, and create a more stable work environment.”

Nebraska Appleseed has a tool kit for small business employers and employees that describes these four programs, includes suggestions for simple ways employers can help their employees access these benefits, and explains how employees can apply.

Contact: Rebecca Gonzales at or 402.438.8853 for more information or to receive tool kits.
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