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AEO Conference Unveils a Surprise Guest

Kansas City, Missouri, was the setting for the 2007 Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO) Conference on May 15-18, 2007. A majority of REAP staff attended this training event. The AEO Conference is the best opportunity for us to learn the newest innovations in microenterprise programming; expand our skills related to existing program offerings; and network with an international attendance of other practitioners, programs, and funders.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Muhammad Yunnus, a pioneer in the strategy of micro credit for the poor in his native Bangladesh, made a surprise visit, telling the nearly 600 attendees not to underestimate the capacity of human beings. He also told how the concept of micro credit is bringing a new generation out of poverty in his country.

REAP is respected both nationally and internationally. Many U.S. programs were derived in part by examining REAPís model. This respect is totally in relation to the dynamic entrepreneurs who participate with REAP. This participation makes REAP a great program and is what motivates us all.

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