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2006 REAP Award Recipients - Congratulations!

REAP awards were given on February 27, 2007, at the Ramada Inn in Kearney the night before the MarketPlace:Opening Doors to Success entrepreneur’s conference. On behalf of the Center for Rural Affairs and the Rural Enterprise Assistance Program, we congratulate this year’s awardees and thank them for their inspirational efforts and attitudes. It is entrepreneurs like you that drive REAP to excel!

Entrepreneur Award, Jaine Troxel

Jaine Troxel was manager of Doozy’s in Fairbury in early 2002 when it was located with the Tabitha facility. When it closed, Jaine saw the opportunity to become a business owner.

She worked with REAP to develop a business plan and obtain funding. A building was available in downtown Fairbury on the square, which would greatly increase her visibility and chances of success. On September 3, 2002, Doozy’s opened its doors at 417 D Street in Fairbury.

Jaine accessed the REAP Microloan Program for assistance in developing a Business Plan and obtained a loan for beginning inventory. The completed Business Plan helped her obtain a loan for the building through the Fairbury reuse fund. She also participated in meetings and trainings with fellow area businesses.

The opening of Doozy’s in downtown Fairbury provided customers with a choice for their dining pleasure. Doozy’s also caters, which provides another service in the community. Jaine has employed eight people, mostly high school age and one mentally challenged person. Future plans include a possible expansion with a meeting room.

REAP Officer of the Year 2006, Juan Sandoval

Juan Sandoval, Latino Banking Director, BankFirst at Norfolk, has served as the Treasurer for the Madison County Latino Business Organization (MCLBO) serving the Latino Business in Madison County since its inception in 2005. Besides the Treasurer’s duties, Juan has been providing educational presentations at several meetings.

 Juan became involved with REAP after attending the REAP Business Plan Training course during fall of 2005. He also helped recruit business owners for this training. Juan promotes REAP and MCLBO to others on a regular basis. He notifies members and potential members of meetings through email and phone calls.

Juan recently taught the REAP Business Plan Spanish Training in Columbus, and now he’s volunteering to do some presentations for this group also. In September 2006, Juan agreed to serve a three year term on the REAP Program Committee as an Advisory Committee Member.

REAP Small Business of the Year 2006, Lisa Budd

For Lisa Budd of Gothenburg, being independent and being rewarded for an extraordinary work ethic were extremely important to her. Doing what she liked to do was also a major issue.

What did she do about these priorities? She risked venturing into the ownership of a “Daylight Donut” franchise in Gothenburg. The business was already profitable, but showed much more growth potential. With the benefit of loan and technical assistance from REAP, cooperation with the previous owners, and friendly assistance from a local realtor, Lisa purchased the business in the fall of 2004.

Customer volume has increased under Lisa’s management. Approximately 75 percent of her volume is deliveries to other small and large businesses in the Gothenburg and Cozad areas. Lisa has created a good balance between individual retail customers and business firms.

Lisa is a young rural entrepreneur who has a very strong work ethic, is a responsible business person, and is doing very well at her business enterprise. Lisa is community-minded as well, and was recognized by local media after generous aid and food donations to travelers stranded in an early blizzard. Lisa worked with now retired REAP Business Specialist Phil Menke in packaging the loan for the business purchase.

REAP Achievement Award 2006, Bryan Heubrock

In 1997, REAP decided to pilot a REAP Peer Group Association in South Dakota, resulting in a local REAP group being formed in the town of Winner. Bryan Heubrock was one of the original members, served as an officer in the association and attended the REAP Basic Business Training.

Desiring to grow and expand his cleaning business, Bryan twice used the REAP Peer Lending program to purchase additional equipment for the business. In 2000 he decided it was time to step up to full-time business owner. A building was rented on Highway 18, and his painting and cleaning business transferred from the home-based location. He used a REAP Direct Loan to purchase additional equipment and expand the cleaning product lines to include retail sales.

In 2002 Bryan purchased a building that needed to be moved, and again a REAP Direct Loan was used in collaboration with a local bank to relocate the business. An article in the local newspaper stated: “Today, special thanks goes out to Bryan Heubrock of B & J Painting and Cleaning. If you haven’t noticed the corner of 7th and Highway 18 lately, take a look the next time you’re driving into Winner from the East. Then, remember what that corner looked like before he moved the building onto a new foundation and groomed that lot to be a very pleasing addition to the city.”

Transition from a part-time home business to a full-time main street business has proven a successful business venture for Bryan. The business employs a full-time office manager, two full-time employees and several part-time employees. Bryan is a true entrepreneur and successful business owner!

REAP Friend of the Year 2006, Lori Warner, Beatrice Chamber of Commerce

Lori Warner and the Beatrice Chamber of Commerce have been a great friend of REAP. Lori began her position at the Beatrice Chamber approximately two years ago. The working relationship between REAP and the Beatrice Chamber continues to grow. Lori and the Beatrice Chamber of Commerce are supportive and willing to work with REAP.

REAP Business Specialist Janelle Moran has been holding REAP office hours each first Thursday of the month at the Chamber. The Chamber office promotes these hours and has had up to five contacts in one day there. The Chamber is also very accommodating, providing office space when needed in working with area clients.

The Chamber helped with the promotion of the trainings. They also helped with the REAP Women’s Business Center’s second kick-off ceremony, which was held in Beatrice. REAP’s “Minding Your Own Business” workshop took place at the Chamber. It is great to have a “friend” like Lori and the entire Chamber of Commerce office in Beatrice!

REAP Extra Mile Award 2006 , Kevin Burnison, Southeast Nebraska Development District (SENDD)

Kevin Burnison is a strong supporter and partner with REAP. Kevin encourages individuals he visits/counsels with to use REAP services. REAP receives many referrals in the southeast Nebraska area from Kevin.

Kevin is a strong promoter of small businesses in Southeast Nebraska. In the southeast Nebraska service area, Kevin has been one of the largest supporters and promoters of REAP services. Kevin has truly made a difference and impact on REAP’s awareness in southeast Nebraska, and is a great friend of the program!

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