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MarketPlace 2007 Was a Huge Success!
Excitement permeated the halls and exhibits as hundreds of entrepreneurs gathered

Despite an impending blizzard, over 500 people gathered on February 28, 2007, in Kearney for the Center for Rural Affairs’ Marketplace: Opening Doors to Success; the first entrepreneurship conference of its kind in Nebraska and surrounding states.

Attendees of all ages were present from 10 states including Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oregon, Utah, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and over 134 Nebraska communities. People from Canada were also there!

“I really enjoyed Wednesday’s conference, my two sons, Ryan and Garret, got just as much out of it as I did,” commented Rebecka Fleischman, Tekamah, Nebraska. “We hope you continue it in the future.”

Whether looking to improve your farming operation, interested in expanding a home-based business, or in better community development, MarketPlace had something for everyone.

“The Marketplace Conference illustrates a couple of important points for rural Nebraska. First, when you can bring 500 people together to focus on rural entrepreneurship it shows a mobilized citizenship. Rural Nebraska is ready for the next step into the future. Second, the diversity of agencies, non-profit organizations, and rural business owners highlights how rural Nebraskans are working together to create a positive future for themselves and their children. I sincerely left the conference motivated and energized after seeing the existing successes and thinking about all of the possibilities,” commented Dr. John C. Allen, Director, Western Rural Development Center, Utah State University, and former University of Nebraska Lincoln Director of the Center for Applied Rural Innovation and featured speaker at two sessions of the conference.

If you missed the conference this year make sure to attend next year. MarketPlace 2008 will be held February 27, 2008, at the New World Inn in Columbus.

For more information on entrepreneurship and what you can do in your community, visit the Center for Rural Affairs website, www.cfra.org .

Contact: Monica Braun, mbraun@windstream.net or 402.643.2673 for more information.
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