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Resource for Tax Filing and Compliance

The SSA/IRS Reporter is a joint effort between the Social Security Administration (SSA) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). It communicates information that support trust fund, employment tax, and business tax compliance, with an emphasis on educating and encouraging these stakeholders to file these taxes electronically.

The Reporter carries general information about best payroll and employment tax practices and SSA products and services. Examples are changes in forms for reporting employee wages, W-2 Online, SSA filing procedures, and Business Services Online.

The SSA/IRS newsletter also includes timely information from the Department of Labor, Department of Justice, Health and Human Services, and other government agencies. Past issues, including the fall 2007 issue, are posted in English and Spanish on IRS.gov http://www.irs.gov/businesses/small/article/0,,id=109886,00.html

To learn about the latest issue and other IRS products and services, subscribe to IRSís free e-News for Small Businesses, visit http://www.irs.gov/businesses/small/content/0,,id=154826,00.html , type in your e-mail address, and submit.

Contact: Monica Braun, 402.643.2673 or mbraun@windstream.net for more information.
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