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REAP Rural Business Roundtable

Topic: Motivational Marketing: Selling with Emotion

SELL MORE by Tapping into Your Customer's Emotion

In his new book, Motivational Marketing, Robert Imbriale describes five Emotional Motivators that he believes will increase sales when used in marketing efforts. His premise is that people buy on emotion and justify their purchases with logic.

Think about something you have purchased in the last 30 days. Why did you make that purchase? What did you expect to get from the purchase? Did you need it or want it?

Note: If you are using this Roundtable Exercise as a group activity, gather several magazines, newspapers, journals, etc. before the meeting so you can review the marketing messages. If you have access to the Internet, you can also evaluate website marketing messages.

Five Emotional Motivators
Let’s briefly review the five Emotional Motivators and then discuss how they might be used effectively. (Refer to the Feature Article of the Fall 2007 REAP Business Update for more in-depth information as you work through this Exercise.)

Emotional Motivator 1-Fear.
Do your homework on your market. Look at your product or service and ask, “Does my product/service alleviate a problem that may cause my prospect to experience pain now or in the future?” Can you find indirect benefits that alleviate a fear or fears shared by a majority of your target market?

Keywords and phrases: don’t miss out, only a limited number will be sold, protect, secure, ends soon, won’t last, supplies limited, only 24 hours to take advantage.

Emotional Motivator 2-Love.
Think connection-love-sex with this motivator. We are wired to connect with other human beings. Our hearts long for human contact. How can you provide that with your product/service?

Keywords or phrases: join us, network with others, be a part of, connection, and relationship.

Emotional Motivator 3-Freebies & Bargains.
It’s important to offer something “free” that relates to your business, something with a high perceived value in the eyes of the customer. Big box stores use bargains as an Emotional Motivator. Customers shop there based on the idea that they are getting valuable products at a bargain price.

Keywords and phrases: free, free offer, free trial, no cost, half price, save, sale, 24-hour sale.

Emotional Motivator 4-Effortless Moneymaking.
Using no effort is the key to the success of this motivator. Can you explain how the use of your product or service might save your customers money?

Keywords and phrases: so easy even a fifth grader could do it, effortless, enter to win, we do it all for you, your computer does all the work.

Emotional Motivator 5-Make Dreams Come True
Research what dreams are shared by people in your target market. Can you position your product/service as a vehicle to help them realize their dreams?

Keywords and phrases: live your dream, the solution you’ve been waiting for is here, turn your dreams into reality, you can have it all.

Motivational Marketing Exercise

Gather a variety of magazines and other periodicals. It would be helpful to have several issues of the same magazines to see which ads are continued through several months.

Discuss the questions below with your group and make note of your answers.

1. See if you can identify one or more Emotional Motivators in the headlines of various ads.

Headline Emotional Motivators:

2. Can you identify one or more Emotional Motivators in the body of the ads?

Body Copy Emotional Motivators:

3. What is the most common Emotional Motivator used? 

Discuss which emotional motivators might work best for your product/service. What motivates your customers? Do you know what they want? Have you asked them? Brainstorm with the group ideas for including emotional motivators in your marketing efforts.

Questions about selling with emotion? Contact Monica Braun, REAP Women's Business Center Director at 402.643.2673 or email mbraun@windstream.net .

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