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Dungan Promoted to Hispanic Business Post
Outreach to Nebraska Hispanic entrepreneurs is on the increase with a new director position and a REAP bilingual business specialist in southwest Nebraska

The Center for Rural Affairs’ has promoted Adriana Dungan to REAP Hispanic Business Center (HBC) Director. Adriana joined the Center as the REAP Northeast Business specialist in May 2005 and has acted in this capacity since her hiring.

Adriana will continue to serve the REAP Northeast region in the near term in addition to assuming the role of the REAP HBC Director. Adriana’s acceptance of this newly created position ensures high quality service from REAP and the REAP HBC project.

REAP recently completed the third year of the REAP Hispanic Business Center (HBC) work. This year’s objective was to continue to provide key business development services to rural Nebraska Hispanic entrepreneurs, particularly in Northeast Nebraska.

Phase four, which began on September 3, 2007, will further increase outreach to Hispanic entrepreneurs. We have already begun to build more outreach capacity by creating the director position. A search is also underway for a new Hispanic Business Specialist to be located in southwest Nebraska and added to the REAP staff.

Adriana looks forward to directing the REAP Hispanic Business Center and offering high quality services across the state. She began her new duties as REAP HBC Director on September 3, 2007.

Contact: Adriana Dungan, 402.494.1013 or adungan@msn.com for more information.
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