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One-Stop Resource Guide for Small Business
The Internal Revenue Service provides a number of resources aimed at small business

The Omaha, Nebraska, office of the IRS shared a list of many of their updated and brand new resources directed to help small business owners with their taxes. These are described below.

New CDs and DVDs:
Publication 1066C, A Virtual Small Business Tax Workshop - DVD
This DVD is designed to help new and existing small business owners understand and meet their federal tax obligations in an interactive format. The workshop consists of 10 lessons and is subtitled in English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese.

Publication 4395, IRA Resource Guide for Small Business Owners and Individuals - CD
This CD has one-stop assistance on Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAS, SEP Plans, Simple IRA Plans, and Payroll Deduction IRA Plans. This can be ordered by calling 800.829.3676.

Publication 4469, Identity Theft -DVD

Updated Guides & Information:
Publication 1518, Tax Calendar for Small Business
This 12-month wall calendar is filled with useful information on general business taxes, IRS and SSA customer assistance, electronic filing and paying options, retirement plans, business publications and forms, and common tax filing dates. Each page highlights different tax issues and tips that may be relevant to small business owners.

Publication 3207, Small Business Resource Guide - CD 
This handy, interactive CD includes all of the business tax forms, instructions, and publications along with all of the new tax law changes for 2006. Throughout the CD are a variety of web links to various government agencies and business associations. SBA also has great information on this CD.

How to order:

  1. You can order these by calling 800.829.3676.
  2. Some products can be viewed or ordered online at by clicking on “Businesses”, then “Small Business Products Online Ordering”.

More items online:
■ W2s and 1099s can now be ordered online at

■ A government website with links to many agencies for help with small businesses and identity and fraud help is

Source: Betty Hayman, Senior Stakeholder Liaison, Omaha, Nebraska, Office: 402.361.0324, Fax: 402.361.0100.
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