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Selling on the Internet

University of Nebraska Extension is offering four week courses in Burwell, Valentine, and Ainsworth exploring e-Business Selling on the Internet. The goal is to give business owners a better understanding of applying technology to increase profits. Topics include what customers are looking for, trends of the e-World, and identifying who the competition is and what they are doing.

The course helps identify who should design a website, how to determine a URL, and how to get one. It looks at the good and bad of website design and gets businesses thinking about e-Marketing through keywords, search engines, and how to get found.

The classes began the first week of October for a cost of $99.00. For more information, contact: Burwell, Lynn Franzen, burwellecondev@nctc.net or 308.346.5210; Valentine, Jay Jenkins, jjenkins2@unl.edu or 402.376.1850; Ainsworth, Kristin Simonson, ndcd@ainsworthlinks.com or 402.387.2740.

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