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Valentine/Cherry County Basic Business Training

The REAP five-session Basic Business Training course was conducted in Valentine during May and June 2006. Participants ranged from owners of a business located in Valentine for over 30 years to potential start up businesses in the planning phase. The wide range of expertise and knowledge made for an excellent training experience for all attending.

Assistance in promoting and providing the location for the training was provided by Dahn Hagge, Executive Director of the Valentine/Cherry County Economic Development Board. A recent sales tax initiative was passed that will greatly assist in promoting economic development in the area. Excellent facilities were made available for the training at the Yucca Dune Building.

Charlene Paris, from Atkinson, Nebraska was the instructor and stated the participants were great to work with. Special thanks also go to Christian Beckby, Project Director, Minnechaduza Foundation for his assistance and great baked goods he made for breaks during the class sessions.

REAP staff look forward to working with any of the participants as they continue exploring the expansion or start up of their respective businesses.

Contact: Gene Rahn, REAP Senior Business Specialist at 402.925.2920 or
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