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REAP Rural Business Roundtable

Topic: Putting "The Fred Factor" to Work for You and Your Business

You can use The Fred Factor as your roundtable discussion topic with your REAP group. The four principles that Mark Sanborn discusses through his book are noted here. Do you know some Freds or have you encountered some lately? Share stories and examples about how some of the Fred Factor principles have worked for you or for others.

The FOUR “Fred Factor” principles:

  1. Everyone makes a difference.  The only question at the end of the day is “What kind of difference did you make?”

  2. Everything is built on relationships.  Go beyond simply interacting with customers and colleagues to build relationships.

  3. You must continually create value for others, and it doesn’t have to cost a penny.  You can replace money with imagination. The objective is to outthink your competition rather than outspend them.

  4. You can reinvent yourself regularly.  No matter what job you hold, what industry you work in or where you live in the world, you wake up every morning “tabala rasa,” with a blank slate, and you can make your business and your life anything you choose.

Discuss the Fred Factor Assessment. If interested in finding out more and checking out your score, take the assessment online at www.fredfactor.com .

Roundtable Discussion Questions

Brainstorm with roundtable participants to seek their help in answering the following questions for your business. Write your responses below or on another sheet.

1) When was the last time you did something extraordinary?

2) Do you have a daily conscious intention to make a positive difference?

3) Do you feel you have the ability (skills) to make a positive difference?

4) Have you recently received feedback (from a customer, colleague, or other) that what you did made a difference?

5) Do you know the names of your major or most frequent customers?

6) Do you feel your major /most frequent customers are like friends?

7) Do your customers ask you to help?

8) Do you regularly express an interest in them and their work and lives?

9) Do you feel you know how to create value in your work?

10) What does it cost to create value for customers?

11) Do you know what your customers value?

12) When was the last time you feel you personally added value to your work?

13) Do you feel your work is in a rut?

14) I feel energized and invigorated about my job. True or not?

15) How would you rate your personal program of motivation or renewal?

Reference: www.fredfactor.com 

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