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Ten Commandments of Customer Service

  1. Live by the Golden Rule: customers have the gold, therefore they make the rules.
  2. Develop service from the inside out through teamwork.
  3. Deliver the two things every customer wants and needs: solutions to problems and good feelings.
  4. Use the customerís definition of quality and service.
  5. Ask more and better questions.
  6. Convert complaints and problems into commitment and profit.
  7. Create a superior experience.
  8. Teach everyone how to add value.
  9. Do everything more, better, faster, different, funner, or less.
  10. Always honor the customer but humor yourself.

Source: Copyright 2006 or appropriate year, Sanborn & Associates, Inc. Reprinted with permission of Sanborn & Associates, Inc., http://www.marksanborn.com 
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