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REAP Specialist Phil Menke Now Retired

Phil Menke, REAP Southwest/Central Business Specialist, retired as of December 31, 2005. Phil was hired by the Center for Rural Affairs in September 1997 and served as a REAP Business Specialist until his recent retirement.

Prior to working at the Center, Phil was a long-time Center for Rural Affairs Board member and also worked for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Cooperative Extension for many years.

Responsible for implementing key REAP services in the southwest/central region of the state, Phil’s work with the Center as a REAP Business Specialist over the past eight years has been fruitful and has made a great difference. Phil helped a number of small businesses in the start-up or expansion phase through technical assistance, loans, training, and networking (see Lisa Budd's success story).

Phil added, “I was proud to work with the Center for Rural Affairs REAP program. REAP is a very good program and serves the needs of rural entrepreneurs. Many of the people we work with are considered underdogs, and I have been proud to work for them. I will keep fighting for rural America.”

Characterized by a great passion and attitude for his work with the Center for Rural Affairs, Phil will be greatly missed. We wish him well as he enters retirement and thank him for all he has done for rural Nebraska.

People seeking REAP services from the southwest/central area of Nebraska should contact REAP Program Co-Director Jeff Reynolds at 402.656.3091 until a new REAP specialist is in place.

Contact: Jeff Reynolds, jeffr@alltel.net or 402.656.3091 for more information.
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