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REAP Considering Starting a Listserv

REAP is looking at the possibility of starting a Listserv for our members. Participation would be voluntary. The Listserv would be a means for receiving information of interest for rural small businesses and would provide the means for networking with REAP members from around the state.

Any business-related question could be sent out on the Listserv for response from anyone on the Listserv. Using this medium would allow REAP to keep you updated on key items of interest in a very quick and efficient manner.

Some may be thinking what is a Listserv? A Listserv is a wonderful communication tool that offers its members the opportunity to post suggestions or questions to a large number of people at the same time. When you submit a question or something that you want to share to the Listserv recipients, your submission is distributed to all of the other people on that list.

You must have an email address and ability to receive email to participate with the Listserv. Members of the Listserv have the option to subscribe or unsubscribe at anytime.

A quick postcard survey was inserted in the print version of the Update asking for your opinion on starting a new REAP Listserv and on how you would prefer to receive information in general. Please respond to jeffr@alltel.net and make your voice heard! Also, please feel free to contact REAP staff if you have thoughts or questions in this area.

Contact: Jeff Reynolds, REAP Co-Director, jeffr@alltel.net or 402.656.3091.
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