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A Marketing Formula that Works

Marketing is all about helping people get what they want. You, as a business owner, use vehicles such as ads, flyers, sales letters, telemarketing, face-to-face presentations, etc. to let your prospects know they can get what they want from YOU.

Joe Gracia of Give to Get Marketing suggests a simple formula to help you create powerful and effective marketing vehicles for your business.

HEADLINE: Tell Them They Can Get What They Want
People are extremely busy. They are looking for only one thing when they hear or see an ad ĖďWhat do you have for me?Ē If they donít see or hear the answer within 15 seconds, they will respond with ďnot interested.Ē

Itís important to ensure that what you have for them and what they want are both the same. Thatís why it is so important for you to know exactly what your customers and prospects want before you begin spending money on marketing. Test, donít guess.

SUB-HEAD: Tell Them They Will Have to Act Quickly to Get It
We all procrastinate! We put off taking action for a variety of reasons. We get distracted. Itís up to you to help your customers and prospects overcome their tendency to procrastinate and take immediate action to get what you are offering. Tell them the Offer Ends on a particular date or tell them there is a Limited Supply, or they will receive a Bonus if they act now. Create a Sense of Urgency!

BODY COPY: Tell Them the Details of What They Will Get
You have your targetsí attention with your headline. Now tell them exactly what they will get if they respond to your marketing offer. Tell them how they will benefit; tell them how others have benefited. Use bold sub-heads and bullets to make it easy to skim the information.

CALL TO ACTION: Tell Them What They Must Do to Get It
Donít assume your customers and prospects will figure out how to get what you are offering. If they have to call to get it, tell them to call. Tell them clearly what they need to do. Make it as easy as possible for your target to do what you are asking.

POSTSCRIPT: Tell Them Again What They Can Get, How Quickly They Must Act, And What They Must Do to Get It
It is always a good idea to recap your offer in a P.S. Often people will skip down to the P.S. after reading the headline. Example: P.S. Call for your Free Estimate by Friday, September 15.

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