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Materials Exchange Program Available

The Nebraska Materials Exchange, managed by Keep Nebraska Beautiful in Lincoln, is a statewide program that diverts material from landfills by facilitating reuse and recycling. The program conserves landfill space and natural resources while helping businesses save money on disposal and storage costs.

Program participants include Nebraska businesses, schools, nonprofit organizations, and service providers. Last year the Materials Exchange helped divert over 16 million pounds of usable and recyclable material from Nebraska landfills and saved businesses over $225,000 in waste disposal fees.

Participation in the Nebraska Materials Exchange is free! For more information about how the program can help your business, to request a program brochure, or to sign up for a quarterly newsletter, please contact the Keep Nebraska Beautiful Office at 402.486.4622. You can also visit the website at to learn more about the program and apply online.

Contact: Jeff Reynolds for more information, 402.656.3091 or
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