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Small Business Legal Assistance Available

The latest Business Law workshop was held in Scottsbluff in June. It was presented by Steve Virgil of Creighton University School of Law Legal Clinic Community Economic Development Project in cooperation with REAP. Those attending the workshop gave it high marks. We sincerely appreciate the outreach that Steve and his staff have provided to REAP members over the last couple of years.

We just received notice from Mr. Virgil noting that he and his staff are interested in continuing to provide legal assistance to business owners and those starting new businesses; however the Legal Clinic Community Economic Development Project won’t have the continued funding through USDA to provide the ongoing training sessions.

As needed, REAP members may contact Steve’s office at 402.280.3068. During this initial contact, a couple of questions will be asked of the member to help assess the needs or situation.

A law student will be assigned to the business owner, and the student will schedule a time to talk for a slightly longer period. After the second phone contact, the clinic will determine whether they can assist or if they should refer the REAP member to another legal service provider.

Contact: Glennis McClure for more information, 402.645.3296 or
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