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Rural Youth Connection Kicks-Off July 16

The first annual Young Entrepreneurs Meeting at Wausa on July 16, 2005 will kick off the Rural Youth Connection (RYC), a new project hosted by the Northeast Nebraska RC&D. The Center for Rural Affairs and University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension are also partners.

The full-day workshop will run from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and is open to all youth ages 12-18, parents, educators, community leaders, and others interested in improving the well-being of their hometowns and northeast Nebraska through a regional approach to economic development focused on youth entrepreneurship and leadership.

RYC serves youths interested or already involved in entrepreneurial activities in Knox, Cedar, Dixon, Wayne, Pierce, and Antelope counties. It is a youth-driven organization designed to match a variety of business resources and marketing assistance to member’s specific needs.

RYC consists of locally formed clubs with at least three members and a volunteer adult adviser. Members will have the opportunity to serve as club coordinators and be part of the RYC Youth Council. The council directs regional activities such as the annual Young Entrepreneurs Meeting, a website, and an eventual roving marketplace.

For more information, contact Rita Brhel, RYC coordinator, at 402.283.2554 or brhel@nntc.net or visit www.northeastrcd.org and click on the “Rural Youth Connection” link.

Contact: Jeff Reynolds, jeffr@alltel.net or 402.656.3091 for more information.
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