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Integrated eCommerce System in Nebraska
Ed note: This article describes a new commercial service available to Nebraska
businesses. Information was supplied by Ron Kennedy, CEO of the company.

REAP members may be interested in a new vehicle to selling goods and services via the web in Nebraska and virtually world wide: www.terrecom.com  is working to implement an integrated Nebraska eCommerce System or Marketplace.

The purpose of the integrated NE eCommerce System is to provide a single vehicle where all organizations in the state can participate in one, real-time Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Government (B2G) Marketplace which facilitates the buying/selling of all goods and services.

What is terrecom.com?
Terrecom.com is a virtual e-commerce company whose name means “Terrestrial (World) Commerce”. Its sole purpose is to bring organizational buyers seeking a wide variety of goods and services together with organizational sellers seeking to provide those goods and services. Said differently, the Terrecom.com system of global commerce is a rapidly growing, real-time, world-wide lead generator.

Why was terrecom.com developed?
Terrecom.com was developed out of two entrepreneurs’ utter frustration with the complexity and cumbersomeness of the Internet and the current search engines for commercial purposes. Truly it could be said the Internet is drowning in information, but starved for knowledge as it relates to the simple question, “Who buys/sells what, where?” The Terrecom.com system of global commerce provides the answers quickly and concisely.

Contact: For further information, please contact Ron Kennedy, CEO of Terrecom, L.L.C. email rmk@terrecom.com  or you can check out the website at www.terrecom.com 
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