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Marketing Collaboration Will Benefit REAP Members
Special offer to REAP members: market your business in the 2005/2006 Buy GROW Nebraska Catalog for a discounted price

Collaboration is defined as “a working together” or the act of working together with one or more people in order to achieve something. Many small businesses collaborate with each other to share ideas, which helps both to succeed.

This is also true for programs that provide key services for small business. Programs that choose to collaborate are generally more effective as organizations and offer a superior product for their clients. REAP is pleased to continue collaborating with GROW Nebraska.

REAP and GROW Nebraska have worked closely over the years on a number of different offerings and are very excited about a new marketing opportunity for REAP members. GROW Nebraska would like to offer REAP members the opportunity to participate in the printed 2005/2006 Buy GROW Nebraska Catalog and the online version.

The 2004 catalog project proved to be successful and met GROW Nebraska’s mission of creating awareness and providing market access for Nebraska’s small businesses. Key points of the 2004 catalog project were:

  • Total distribution of 26,000
  • 16,000 mailed out with Nebraska Life Magazine
  • GROW Nebraska distributed 10,000 stand-alone copies
  • 4-color print
  • Low cost, high return promotional opportunity

GROW Nebraska is offering REAP members a special introductory offer of $75, a savings of $75 off the regular price. The same ad in a stand-alone format in Nebraska Life Magazine is $225.

GROW Nebraska collaborates with REAP in offering the Quick GROW Loan and the Quick GROW Direct Loan, and REAP is helping to subsidize this special rate for REAP members. This offer will also allow REAP members to receive all the GROW Nebraska membership benefits, including email updates, technical assistance, and web linkage to the GROW online catalog.

The deadline to participate is June 1, 2005.

In 1996, Central Plains Foundation developed their statewide outreach program, GROW Nebraska. Grassroots Resources and Opportunities for Winners (GROW) Nebraska is a nonprofit marketing and training program for Nebraska entrepreneurial businesses. Headquartered in Holbrook, Nebraska, the statewide program focuses on building successful Nebraska businesses one at a time.

 Contact: Janell Anderson-Ehrke, Director, phone 888.GROWNEB or 308.493.5394, email janell@growneb.com 
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