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Northeast Business Specialist Leaves REAP

Karen Linnenbrink, REAP representative for the Northeast region the past three years, has accepted a position as Director of Entrepreneur Programs at the Elkhorn Valley Economic Development Council. In her new position, she will oversee small business development in Madison, Antelope, Pierce, and Stanton counties.

Karen exemplifies REAP’s commitment to rural entrepreneurship, working long hours to help beginning REAP organizations grow and existing ones to flourish. She also pioneered a relationship between REAP and the growing Hispanic-owned small businesses throughout her region.

Under Karen’s guidance, two Basic Business Plan trainings in Spanish took place in South Sioux City and Schuyler. She was also instrumental in forming a new REAP roundtable group in South Sioux City.

Though Karen is leaving REAP, she says her new position embraces the same values. While sorry to see her leave, we know she will continue do great things to benefit small rural businesses in northeast Nebraska. Best of luck Karen, from all of us at REAP and the Center for Rural Affairs!

Karen adds this personal note:

“I would like to wish Nebraska’s entrepreneurs much success and encourage them to use REAP. The program is a definite asset for rural Nebraska and has a great staff. I urge you to take advantage of REAP and the staff’s expertise and assistance.

For the REAP organizations I used to serve or anyone interested in forming an organization in northeast Nebraska, please contact the Center for Rural Affairs office in Lyons at 402.687.2100 and ask for Peggy until a Northeast Business Specialist is hired.”

 Contact: Peggy Mahaney, REAP Administrative Assistant, 402.687.2100 or peggym@cfra.org 
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