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Legal Assistance for Small Rural Businesses
Creighton University School of Law Project provides legal services for rural businesses

Over the last year, REAP partnered to provide legal assistance and trainings to small rural businesses. This assistance remains available through the Creighton University School of Law Community Economic Development Project.

REAP will be collaborating with the Community Economic Development Project to provide legal assistance to its member groups. Steve Virgil, Director of the Community Economic Development Project, is available to provide training sessions that cover a range of legal issues impacting rural micro and small business owners. The Community Economic Development Project intends to serve as a full-service law firm helping business owners navigate legal and regulatory questions.

The sessions will cover the following legal issues: Choosing a Business Structure; Employment Law Issues for Small Business; Tax Law Questions; Understanding Commercial Leases; and Financing, as Lender and Borrower. The training will provide a general overview of each topic and explain issues you should be aware of with your business. Attendance is free at the training sessions, although a materials cost may apply.

Individual assistance will be provided to small businesses that qualify as low income based on 185 percent of the federal poverty level. Individuals must own the business they operate and operate the business in rural Nebraska.

If you would like to learn more about the Creighton University School of Law Legal Clinic Community Economic Development Project, or to request assistance with your business law questions, please contact Steve Virgil at 402.280.3068.

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