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REAP Women Business Owners May Be Eligible for a New $1000 Cash Award
Act quickly to meet the March 7 application deadline for this monetary award

REAP has been selected as a local partner for the Women and Company® Microenterprise Boost Program, which provides low and moderate-income women microentrepreneurs $1000 cash awards and high quality business training and technical assistance.

Glennis McClure, REAP Women’s Business Center Direcor said, “REAP is honored to be one of just eight such local partners in this program throughout the United States.”

Funds for the Women and Company® Microenterprise Boost Program are provided by the Citigroup Foundation. The Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO) will manage the program. REAP is a member of AEO.

Women business owners in Nebraska may apply for one of possibly nine $1000 equity awards through REAP and the Women and Company® Microenterprise Boost Program.

Applications from women entrepreneurs must be received at the Center for Rural Affairs REAP Women’s Business Center office by Monday, March 7, 2005.

To be eligible for the award, women microentrepreneurs must have worked with REAP and meet low or moderate-income criteria, among other requirements. They will need to have completed some benchmark with the REAP Women’s Business Center, for example, finishing a multi-week training course or at least four hours of technical assistance.

You can find a list of eligibility requirements and the boost award application on our website.

Appropriate use of the award funds might include such purposes as:

  • marketing or inventory
  • technology purchases
  • website development
  • advertising
  • professional services
  • hiring additional employees.

REAP will make every attempt to disperse the equity awards regionally throughout Nebraska. Equity awards will be determined by a REAP staff committee and will be dispersed on or before April 11, 2005.

Contact: Glennis McClure, REAP Women's Business Center Director at  or 402.645.3296.
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