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Trading Time for Money: Fusion Marketing and the Center’s Annual Gathering

If someone offered you the opportunity to show your business and products to hundreds of people who annually attend a highly valued group meeting, would you do it?

What if the only cost was your time?

That’s the opportunity this February 26 when the Center for Rural Affairs hosts a Business Fair at their Annual Gathering in Norfolk, Nebraska. REAP members can display their businesses to a wide assortment of people who will attend this year’s conference in the Lifelong Learning Center at the Northeast Community College campus.

This is your chance to not only tell people about your product or service, but in some cases, to demonstrate it as well.

The Guerilla Marketer’s Handbook, by Michael Levine, talks about the power of “Fusion Marketing.” That’s when you can use the promotional work of another group to bring your product to the attention of the larger group’s customers.

Fusion marketing has lots of advantages. There’s a big value in associating your product or service with a “brand” those customers consider a high quality. Fusion marketing also allows you to reach people your purchased advertising might not reach on its own.

Many of the small businesses in REAP are cases of people with drive, skill, and insight – but not a lot of capital for a fancy media blitz or a dedicated marketing campaign.

Could this opportunity be a bonus for your business? Certainly – but if you don’t register NOW, you’ll miss this chance.

Trade your time and effort for exposure. Use the power of guerilla marketing. Put your business in front of hundreds of people, and reap the rewards of February 26!

More information on the Annual Gathering

 Contact: Russ Gifford, russg@cfra.org or 402.687.2100 for more information. Russ is chair of the SASBA REAP Association.
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