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Thanks to REAP Survey Participants!
We’d like to thank all the REAP members who participated in the recent telephone survey as part of the Micro-Test client survey. The information will help us assess the effectiveness of our program and build a strong case for microenterprise development in Nebraska and the U.S.

Online REAP Directory
Please return your REAP Permission Sheet so your business can be included in the REAP Member Directory, coming soon to the REAP website. The Permission Form is available on the website (MS Word document).

CREN Holds Marketing Mix Seminar
The Crossroads Rural Entrepreneur Network participated in the “Creating the Right Marketing Mix to Compete” on April 12 and April 26. Ten businesses participated.

Participants indicated the seminar helped them think more specifically about their marketing plan and how to implement it, handouts and discussion helped identify ideas that would work for their business, and the networking/sharing with others who are doing similar things was helpful. Regularly including marketing and public relations suggestions in the REAP Business Update was suggested.

CCASH Completes Business Training
The newly-formed Cass County Association for Small business Help (CCASH) recently completed the Business Plan Basics Course. Fourteen businesses participated, from start-ups to established. The participating businesses are located in various parts of the county and even outside Cass County.

The association members will be planning their program for the coming year and continuing the networking that began during the training.

AEO Conference 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania will be the setting for the 2004 Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO) Conference on May 24-27, 2004. The majority of REAP staff will be attending this training event.

The AEO Conference is the best opportunity for us to learn about the newest innovations in microenterprise programming, expand our skills related to existing program offerings, and network with an international attendance of other practitioners, programs, and funders.

The REAP program is respected both nationally and internationally. Many of the programs in the U.S. were derived in part by examining REAP’s model. This respect is totally in relation to the dynamic entrepreneurs who participate with the REAP program. This participation makes REAP a great program and is the motivation that drives us all.

We will do our best to continue providing an innovative program for our clients. Information from the AEO conference will be reviewed and used to enhance the services you receive and provide the rural entrepreneurs in Nebraska with the best microenterprise development services possible.

Missing REAP Videos
The following videos are not on the REAP shelf or checked out. If you have information on their whereabouts, please contact Peggy Mahaney, or 402.687.2100.

  • Business Buffet - #5 Financial Analysis
  • Gone through any changes lately!, # 10
  • Marketing Where Your Competition is Not!!, #11
  • The Entrepreneur’s Critical Skill, #24
  • Careers for the 21st Century, #29
  • Marketing: Winning Customer with a “Workable” Plan, #30
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