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Numbers Show REAP Education Soars

The REAP Women’s Business Center (WBC) held 32 training sessions during the first quarter of 2004, with 444 people participating. A total of 731 participants have been involved in REAP training since July 2003, the start of the third fiscal year of the Women’s Business Center project.

The total number trained in the project’s second year was 774 participants. We are on pace to surpass that total. We have already surpassed last year’s total number of contacts made. So far this year, REAP staff have made 391 contacts and counseled 198 clients for a total of 2008 counseling hours.

Thanks to all REAP staff and instructors who work with our local associations and communities to make the trainings possible.

National Small Business Week Celebrated in May

During National Small Business Week May 16 – 22, the Small Business Administration (SBA) is celebrating its 50 year anniversary. SBA administrator Hector Barreto shared the following message about the importance of small business:

Since the founding of our country, small businesses have contributed immeasurably to our progress and economic strength. Small business is an enduring symbol of the American Dream.

For the last 50 years, the SBA has played a vital role in ensuring that the door to the American Dream is truly open to all entrepreneurs, because the dream should never be limited by access to capital, information, or training. In America, an entrepreneur’s only limit should be his or her own ideas and desire to succeed.

Contact: Glennis McClure, REAP WBC Director, at 402.645.3296 or 
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