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QVC National Product Search Underway

Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to present their consumer products to QVC at the e-commerce leadersí National Product Search Discovery Tour. The national product search, kicking off April 2, 2004, in Las Vegas, will provide inventors, designers, and manufacturers a way to share innovative consumer products with QVC representatives from the merchandising and vendor relations divisions. Advanced registration is requested; information is at www.QVCproductsearch.com

Last year, QVC held a national product search at its world headquarters in West Chester, Penn., where more than 1,100 inventors and entrepreneurs presented unique products. Since then, 16 of those vendors have appeared on QVC, collectively generating more than $2.3 million in sales.

Dates and locations for QVCís National Product Search Discovery Tour include April 2, Las Vegas, Nev.; April 13, Atlanta, Ga.; April 15, Chicago, Ill.; and April 23, West Chester, Penn. QVC introduces more than 250 products to its viewers each week. The greatest successes are demonstrable on live television, solve an everyday problem, appeal to a broad audience, have unique features and benefits, and are topical or timely.

QVC will select the top products from the searches for a special broadcast in August 2004.

Contact: Brandon Hamm at 484.701.8748 for more information.
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