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REAP Member Directory Online, Watch your Mailbox

REAP members will receive a letter in early April describing our plans to put the REAP Member Business Directory online. The searchable business directory will be added to the REAP website in early June.

To be included in the online directory, you must fill out the form enclosed with the letter and return it by April 15, 2004. Donít miss this opportunity for your business.

MicroTest Survey, A Brief Phone Call

We are planning to conduct a telephone survey of REAP clients in March. This effort is part of the MicroTest client survey sponsored by the Microenterprise Fund for Innovation, Effectiveness and Learning and Dissemination at the Aspen Institute.

The purpose of the survey is to gather reliable information about microentrepreneurs directly from clients. REAP has a strong commitment to track and understand our clientsí needs:

  • To truly assess the effectiveness of our program
  • To be fully accountable to donors and other stakeholders, and
  • To build a strong advocacy case for microenterprise development in Nebraska and the U.S.

Peggy Mahaney, REAP Administrative Assistant, will be conducting this phone survey through March. All information specific to individuals and businesses will be confidential. We sincerely appreciate your valuable time.

 Contact: Peggy Mahaney, REAP Administrative Assistant, 402.687.2100 or
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