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Small Businesses Learn More About Selling on eBay
Learning more about selling products on eBay seems to interest small businesses. Jeff’s Enterprise Development Association in Fairbury hosted a well-attended “Selling on eBay” seminar on January 19.

Robin Stoops of Fairbury taught the class. Robin has a great interest in eBay and has helped local businesses use eBay to move their inventory. Stoops is a Baptist minister in town, and he makes eBay his hobby.

Many small businesses are increasing their sales through the use of online auction markets such as eBay. eBay is the world’s largest trading community where millions of people buy and sell items every day.

Other REAP associations in southeast Nebraska are hoping to host similar training sessions in the next few months. Stoops will lead another session on this topic on March 29 in Beatrice.

Business Ownership Seminar to Develop Business Ideas
A workshop to help those thinking about developing or enhancing their business idea was held January 24 in Beatrice. REAP’s Business Ownership Seminar was co-hosted by the Beatrice of Chamber of Commerce, with 10 participants attending.

The seminar includes discussion of the traits of successful entrepreneurs and the potential up and downsides of business ownership. Foundations to business start-up planning and key elements of a business plan are presented. Resource materials on business financing, start-up checklists, business taxes and other tidbits are handed out.

Scott Terry of the Beatrice Chamber and Glennis McClure of REAP led the class. This seminar will be offered again in Fairbury on March 2. It will lead into the Business Plan Training class scheduled to start in Fairbury on April 6.

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