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Direct Loan Added to Quick Grow Loans

REAP and GROW Nebraska are in the second year of a collaborative lending arrangement which resulted in a Quick Grow loan product offered through GROW Nebraska. REAP and GROW are announcing a second GROW Nebraska lending product called the “Quick Grow Direct Loan.”

GROW Nebraska now offers two distinct loan products to their members. The original Quick Grow Loan can be used for startup and existing business purposes and is designed for easy borrower application process and quick turnaround. The loan can be $1,000 or less and requires no collateral.

The new loan product, the Quick Grow Direct Loan is for loans up to $5,000 and requires collateral. Subsequent larger loans can be obtained through existing microlending organizations in Nebraska.

A marketing and training program for Nebraska arts and crafts businesses, GROW stands for Grassroots Resources and Opportunities for Winners. It is a project of the Central Plains Foundation, Inc. located at Holbrook, Neb.

GROW Nebraska began accepting members in January 1998. The cost of membership is $75 annually. Members also pay at a discounted rate for cooperative ads and booth fees. The core services include product jurying, retail and wholesale markets, cooperative ads, group marketing/advertising, and educational events.

 Contact: GROW Nebraska at Get more information about Quick Grow loan products.
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