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Legal Aid for Micro and Small Business
An alliance between Nebraska Legal Services and REAP will bring business law training sessions to REAP members as part of a new outreach program.

In many parts of Nebraska, self-employment and microenterprise development offer real opportunities for creating family economic self-sufficiency. Even with the best business plans and diligent hard work, micro-businesses often run into difficulties when faced with legal questions about the business and state or federal laws and regulations.

To help support family economic self-sufficiency, Nebraska Legal Services has launched the Micro and Small Business Assistance Program. The new program will provide legal services to Nebraskaís micro and small business owners, particularly in communities where new job creation is not occurring and high unemployment exists.

The Micro and Small Business Assistance Program works with new and emerging businesses by providing direct legal services that will assist the business in reaching its potential. In doing so, the project offers a way for creating economic self-sufficiency for Nebraska families.

The Micro and Small Business Assistance Program provides legal assistance on the unique business and commercial law issues confronting micro and small business owners. The program will work with REAP to provide one-hour training sessions to self-employed business owners across Nebraska. These sessions will review how to determine the type of business structure that is needed, whether or not to incorporate, tax issues, and other questions that confront micro businesses.

The workshops are free to participants in REAPís business associations. Individuals who have specific questions regarding their business will be able to meet with a lawyer after the training if the individual meets the following guidelines:

  1. The client is self-employed or operates a business with fewer than five employees.
  2. The business is the sole source of income for the client.
  3. The business serves a market that is within its own community, or limited to the state of Nebraska.
  4. The business does not have access to traditional business lending services or credit.

The Micro Small Business Assistance Program assists business owners by providing direct legal services at crucial times during the businessí development. Such services include, but are not limited to, reviewing and negotiating transactional documents, preparing lease and real estate agreements, addressing zoning and land use regulations, employment law, and tax compliance issues.

 Contact: Steve Virgil, Attorney at Law, Nebraska Legal Services, 402.348.1069 x 203.
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