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Take Advantage of New Season of REAP Business Training
Learn the fundamentals of business planning and how the Internet can help your business save money in our training courses offered across Nebraska.


The REAP Women’s Business Center will again be offering training workshops across Nebraska this fall and winter. Staff are making contacts and arrangements now to deliver REAP’s Business Plan Basics Training and eCommerce courses. Please check the list of locations and plan to participate or let others know about these opportunities.

What if you’ve already taken one or both of the courses? If it has been a few years and your energy and business needs a positive lift, join a class again. Business plans are something that should be kept current. Maybe yours needs a dusting off. Maybe there was one section you really need to focus on and learn and do more about.

While the main topics of the class have stayed about the same throughout the years, chances are the group participants will be different. Discussions will be new and different, and you’ll have another group to network with that may help you improve your business.

In the last two years REAP has switched to using the NxLevel Microentrepreneurs program manual as the curriculum for the Business Plan Basics course. The materials are excellent and are valuable to use beyond the class, especially to carry on networking sessions with your REAP small business network.

The Internet and information about ecommerce constantly changes. This four-night training program is taught in a web-connected computer lab. Throughout, the curriculum is web interactive, so it is very up-to-date. The course’s purpose is to help enhance your opportunity to make or save money using the Internet in your business.

Instructors teaching both courses for us do an excellent job, and they are professionally self-motivated to keep up with changes and new techniques. We are fortunate to be connected with the University of Nebraska Center for Applied Rural Innovation (CARI) and the Connect Nebraska team as a resource for our instructors.

In addition to the courses offered by REAP, some eCommerce and Master Navigator (basic computer) courses offered by the UNL Connect Nebraska team may come to your area, and the EDGE (Enhancing, Developing, and Growing Entrepreneurs) class may be offered nearby. We’ll keep you posted in our newsletter as we get firm dates for these courses.

The business plan basics course is five nights for a total of 15 instructional hours. Sessions are usually scheduled one evening per week for five consecutive weeks. Our typical fee for this course is $79 (may vary depending on local REAP association membership fees).

Based on income eligibility, scholarships are available to waive the materials portion of the registration fee. The 12-hour eCommerce class is typically scheduled for four evenings (one evening per week for four consecutive weeks) for $59.

REAP successfully embarked on training for a group of Hispanic entrepreneurs in South Sioux City, Nebraska last year. With the acceptance of USDA funding, REAP will further enhance its outreach and services to this population. We are planning to provide trainings in Spanish in the communities of Scottsbluff, Schuyler, and again in South Sioux City.

A Spanish version of the NxLevel Guide for Microentrepeneurs is available for our use in these classes. REAP staff will be working with officials in these communities so that follow-up services to new contacts can be provided successfully.

A great benefit for someone taking either course is the REAP membership fee built into the tuition. Participants can benefit from the follow-up services of the REAP Business Specialist in the area and the ongoing education and networking obtained through an association membership.

If you are interested in having the REAP Women’s Business Center provide a training in your community or in starting a REAP association, please contact the REAP staff member in your region.

Training Locations for REAP Courses
Trainings are planned in each region. For information, contact the Business Specialist listed.

Southeast Nebraska – Monica Braun mbraun@alltel.net & Glennis McClure reapwbc@diodecom.net

  • York: eCommerce (Oct. 6 start)
  • Butler County: Business Plan
  • Thayer County: Business Plan
  • Merrick County: Business Plan
  • Nebraska City: Business Plan or eCommerce
  • Falls City: eCommerce (abbreviated course)
  • Fairbury: Business Plan (Oct. 8 start)

Northeast Nebraska – Karen Linnenbrink karenjl@cableone.net

  • South Sioux City: eCommerce & Business Plan (Spanish)
  • Antelope County: Business Plan
  • Schuyler: Business Plan (Spanish)

North Central Nebraska – Gene Rahn erahn@inetnebr.com

  • Holt County: Business Plan

South Central Nebraska – Phil Menke philmenke@cozadtel.net

  • Broken Bow: Business Plan or eCommerce
  • Ord: Business Plan or eCommerce
  • Indianola - McCook: Business Plan
  • Holdrege: Business Plan

Panhandle – Jerry Terwilliger j414@charter.net

  • Sidney: Business Plan (Oct. 7 start)
  • Alliance: eCommerce (Oct. 20 start)
  • Scottsbluff: Business Plan (Spanish)
  • Gordon: Business Plan

 Contact: Jeff Reynolds, jeffr@alltel.net with questions or comments.
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