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‘Mind Your Own Business’ Workshop for Students
Perhaps it will be a rural small business if entrepreneurship is introduced early as a career option.

The Center for Rural Affairs’ Rural Enterprise Assistance Project (REAP) is finding ways to engage youths early in their career planning.

REAP sponsors a network of community microbusiness associations to build rural businesses and improve the livelihood of rural people. By inviting youth to participate, REAP associations are encouraging youths to invest in their communities in the belief they will one day feel they can return and provide a better quality of life for their families.

Another way REAP is encouraging youth involvement is through the Mind Your Own Business workshop. This workshop was piloted in December 2002 at Auburn, Nebraska’s high school with Mrs. Hahn’s Introduction to Business course. It was incorporated into the regular class time plus an additional homeroom time.

The students created a prospective business, worked on the business name, logo, image, customer relations, personnel issues, and marketing ideas. These activities got them thinking about the possibility and the positives or negatives of being an entrepreneur.

This workshop is available to other communities and schools. It can be adapted to a variety of settings.

Contact REAP specialists Monica Braun, 402.643.2673 or Glennis McClure, 402.645.3296 if you are interested in bringing the ‘Mind Your Own Business’ workshop to your school or community.


Contact: Glennis McClure, 402.645.3296 or  or Monica Braun, 402.643.2673 or for more information.

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