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REAP Program Advisory Committee Meets
An advisory committee drawn from across rural Nebraska helps shape REAP.

REAP is a program of the Center for Rural Affairs. A board of directors of from 12 to 24 governs the Center. The board determines policy and overall direction of the organization and meets on a quarterly basis.

The board plays an active role in the development of Center programs. Each board member serves on one of three program advisory committees (REAP being one) that provide quarterly oversight of program activities and guide the annual planning process.

Directors also serve on at least one institutional committee. Those include Resource Development and Communications, Budget and Finance, Board Development and Nominations, and Grievance.
The REAP Program Committee meeting will be held in conjunction with the Center for Rural Affairs board meeting on June 28 at Broken Bow, with location and time TBA.

These quarterly meetings are moved around the state and are open to anyone interested in the work of the Center, and in our case, interested in the work of REAP and in small, rural business development in general.

Center staff relies on the experience and views of Committee members to frame the Center’s work to fulfill its mission. Views, opinions, and decisions offered/made by committee members are respected and used by the staff. Committee members can expect their contributions to have an impact on how we do our work.

The responsibilities of REAP Advisory Committee members include:

  • Members are fully committed and dedicated to the mission of the Center for Rural Affairs.
  • Attend, prepare, and participate in a minimum of two of the four committee meetings per year.
  • Ask timely, substantive questions at committee meetings.
  • Bring a sense of humor to committee deliberations.
  • Suggest discussion and agenda items.
  • Avoid even the appearance of a “conflict of interest” that might embarrass the board or the Center, and disclose any possible conflicts to the Committee in a timely fashion.

Please consider volunteering your time as a REAP Advisory Committee member and attending the next Advisory Committee meeting.

 Contact: Jeff Reynolds, jeffr@alltel.net with questions or comments.
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