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May 2003      Newsletter
  • Business Tips for Surviving Lean Economic Times
    Common sense belt tightening and re-prioritizing combined with early detection can help a business survive an economic downturn.


    Yes, this business cycle is in a downturn; no question about it. Despite the unending optimism of the roaring ’90s nobody managed to repeal the business cycle. But in every business downturn some businesses survive and even thrive. What are their secrets?

    There is no single magic “silver bullet.” Rather, their management strategies are an incremental collection of common sense belt tightening and re-prioritizing. They start with the first warning signals. Thus they are prepared when the down cycle turns most challenging. [more ...]

  • Uncle Sam Wants Small Business Owner Veterans
  • Free Web Page with Quick Grow Loan
  • THREE CHEERS -- Hip Hip Hooray!
    This column salutes REAP businesses that are finding ways to increase their success.
    This month we profile Hilltop Greenhouse and Floral in Sterling, Nebraska
  • REAP Notes
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