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Women’s Business Center Online Offers Extensive Resources

Business women will find loads of information on business principles and practices, management techniques, networking, industry news, market research, and technology training, as well as many Small Business Administration services and resources available to them at the SBA Online Women’s Business Center.

Special site features include interactive mentoring and individual counseling, topic forums, newsgroups, information in Spanish, and a data resource guide with a state-by-state list of professional services women need to start and expand their businesses.

The SBA Online Women’s Business Center is the perfect complement to SBA’s Women’s Business Centers. Their website, www.onlinewbc.gov, can help women using the business training expertise and best practices of the Women’s Business Centers.

While technology cannot replace the one-on-one interaction between a counselor and client, this site is a tool to help women with their business.

SBA Online Employee Identification Number Application

Small businesses could save close to $200 million dollars by using a new Internet-based system that will allow them to register their business at the state level and apply for and receive their Federal Employer Identification Number at the same time. The new application can be found at http://businesslaw.gov/template.cfm?catid=10044 , by clicking on Integrated State Register & Federal EIN Application.

The new service was developed by the Small Business Administration (SBA) in partnership with the IRS through a contract with EzGov, a major e-government technology provider. The SBA online application streamlines the state and federal application processes by automating the exchange of applicant data between states and the federal government.

This integration, coupled with the interview-style form, will prompt users to input the necessary information for both state and federal applications without completing separate forms. The states of Georgia and Illinois are the first to participate with the SBA on this system. Additional states are expected to join soon.

 Contact: Jeff Reynolds, jeffr@alltel.net or 402.656.3091 for more information.
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