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Crossroads Rural Entrepreneur Network (CREN)

The York County area has formed a REAP Association, the Crossroads Rural Entrepreneur Network (CREN). Members are from York, Henderson, and Waco. Officers include: Sharon Johnson, Waco, Chairperson; Chris Tietmeyer, York, Secretary/Treasurer; and Pam Hakl, York, Public Relations Officer. They will be hosting the 5-week Business Plan Basics Training beginning March 3.

Micro-Business Development (MBD)

MBD members had a lively discussion at their Feb. 13 meeting as they discovered their “colors.” Sarah Effken Purcell from Otoe County Cooperative Extension facilitated the Real Colors Matrixx – a Personality Preference program.

Nine people attended and there were a greater number of “Greens” than “normal” groups! Other colors represented were Orange and Blue. That night the group lacked a Gold. Each color represents a set of characteristics. The Real Colors Matrixx is a tool to help people gain a better understanding of themselves and others. With this understanding, communication is enhanced and relationships improve.

Saunders County Independent Business Network (SCIBN)
SCIBN met Feb. 18 and the FISH were flying! SCIBN Members watched the FISH video. They discussed the FISH Philosophy and how they might implement the four “rules” into their lives and businesses. One’s energy level when “selling” a product or service definitely affects the sale or no sale. Eight members and one visitor were in attendance.

Micro-Business Energizers (MBE)
MBE Fillmore County area met Feb. 20 and they, too, had to watch out for flying FISH! The FISH video was enjoyed by this group. They discussed the importance of “choosing your attitude.” The attitude one brings to the day can result in high or low productivity. It can stimulate those around you or bring them down. We do have a choice!

Hamilton County Small Business Association
At the Feb. 20 meeting, this newly reorganized association decided on a new name. They are now the Entrepreneur Association of Rural Nebraska (EARN).

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