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Top Ten Program Ideas for REAP Associations
We share a list of ideas to help you plan your REAP Association year. But first, the size of your association doesn't matter, quality is what counts.

What can just a good core group of four members accomplish? The Johnson County Small Business Network (JCSBN) has primarily had four active members the last couple years. Even so, they meet monthly and always have a program or discussion topic ready.

They rely on each other as they take turns lining up the monthly program. Generally the member in charge for the month researches a topic and brings information to the group. They also use their area REAP business specialist to present at their quarterly visits or they call on REAP for videos or use topics that we suggest in the REAP Update.

Each year, JCSBN sponsors a business seminar open to the public. This is their way of promoting the organization and helping educate other businesses in the area.

The group does not focus on the special uses or loan loss reserve account balances and other association businesses as much. Their staying power has come from using the core REAP association purpose of networking, supporting each other, and providing educational topics and programs for members.

Congratulations to the members of JCSBN for your sustained friendship and help to each other through the years!

Top Ten Ideas
What topics have you decided on for your association meetings? Perhaps there is a video on the topic in the REAP library or in your local library, or you might find someone in your community that can present the topic.

How about taking turns and having a member who is interested in a topic do research and lead the discussion? Don’t forget to call on your REAP Business Specialist for information or programs they may be able to do.

  1. FISH! Philosophy – particularly as it relates to customer service.
  2. Gone through changes lately? A survey of your change preference.
  3. Advertising seminar – “Ads That Win the Race”
  4. Insurance considerations for your small business.
  5. What can eCommerce do for you?
  6. What’s the right “Price”? Considerations as you establish your product or service price.
  7. Time management – Not Enough Hours on Your Clock?
  8. How’s your credit? The importance of keeping it good.
  9. Collection strategies – maintaining a current accounts receivable.
  10. Computer maintenance – Are you getting the most from your machine?

 Contact: Peggy Mahaney for a list of REAP videos that might help you to plan programs at or 402.846.5428, ext. 29.
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