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Understanding Young Workers
The “twenty-something” crowd has a dramatically different view of the world and work than their “forty-something” and “thirty-something” counterparts. As listed in the book, Twenty-Something: Managing & Motivating Today’s New Work Force:

  • Recognition and praise
  • Time spent with managers
  • Learning how what they’re doing now is making them marketable
  • Opportunities to learn new things
  • Fun at work – structured play, harmless practical jokes, cartoons, light competition, and surprises
  • Small, unexpected rewards for jobs well done


  • Hearing about the past – especially yours
  • Inflexibility about time
  • Workaholism
  • Being watched and scrutinized
  • Feeling pressure to convert to traditionalist behavior
  • Disparaging remarks about their generation’s tastes and styles
  • Feeling disrespected

 Source: Twenty-Something by Lawrence J. Bradford and Claire Raines, MasterMedia
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