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REAP Staff Changes

Several staffing changes were made in the last year. Karen Linnenbrink from West Point, NE was hired in July 2002 and will serve as the REAP Business Specialist in northeast Nebraska. Eugene Rahn previously served the northeast/Central region and now serves the North Central region and has additional duties serving as the REAP Senior Business Specialist.

For information about REAP, contact Jeff Reynolds, REAP Program Director at 402.656.309 or or Peggy Mahaney, Administrative Assistant at 402.846.5428 or

Questions about REAP Women’s Business Center (WBC) activities can be addressed to Glennis McClure, REAP WBC Director at 402.645.3296 or .

You may also contact REAP area Business Specialists:

Eugene Rahn in North/Central Nebraska, 402.925.2920 or
Phil Menke in Southwest/Central Nebraska, 308.784.4948 or
Jerry Terwilliger in the Panhandle, 308.247.9926 or
Monica Braun in Southeast Nebraska, 402.643.2673 or
Karen Linnenbrink in Northeast Nebraska, 402.372.3840 or

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